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April 21, 2024
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Romanian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Hires Influencers to Promote Romania

Romanian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism hires influencers to promote Romania on social media. This project aims to promote Romania as a proper destination for foreign tourists, suitable for a city break vacation.

According to the Electronic Public Procurement System, the main objective of Romanian tourism publicity made by the social media influencers is to promote city-break excursions.

The Romanian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism intends to promote Romania’s tourism through the eyes of the influencers. The Ministry expects to receive excellent and unique ideas from social media influencers until July 28.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for the tourism of Romania because we need to be more visible. Our country has so much beauty, yet it’s not as explored as it should be. Influencers are a great choice simply because people usually tend to follow them because they admire their personalities, beliefs and the content they share. They build credibility and trust, so, understandably, people tend to rely on the information given by them. Promoting something in a more lively and relatable manner is very important nowadays, so influencers are a powerful tool indeed because this way, we can reach a larger audience that may become interested in travelling to Romania.

Emma Hermeneanu, Visit Bucharest project manager

Another goal is to use influencers’ online networks to drive as many people as possible to the Ministry’s social platforms and the website romania.travel. This year’s selection process will take place between September and October, focusing on three different types of influencers: micro-influencers, who have less than 100,000 followers, macro-influencers, who have between 100,000 and 1 million followers, and mega-influencers, who have more than 1 million.

Influencer posts must be genuine, factual, and free of misinformation. Comparisons of Romania’s tourist spots with those of other countries must be fair and constructive, and they must not be done in a way that denigrates Romania.

Applications must include all pertinent information regarding the development of the strategy, nominations of influencers from Romania and across Europe for each indicated category, whose profile should match the entire campaign, and other information regarding evaluation criteria and costs.

Even though Romania is one of the best countries to visit regarding beautiful natural sceneries, fantastic architecture, and delicious food, the tourism segment does not meet the expected standards, in fact, it is way below them. The idea encourages Romania’s tourism to expand through social media. It is an excellent opportunity for influencers and a necessity for Romania’s tourism. Since social media is a constant presence in everyone’s lives, it represents an important platform for promoting Romania abroad.

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