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June 2, 2023
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New York Times praises the potential of Romania’s mineral springs

Hungarian columnist Palko Karasz of New York Times wrote an article about the mineral springs from Transylvania, Romania. The article describes the habit of the inhabitants from Baile Herculane, a mountain resort in Transylvania, who gather each morning to take water from a local spring. The water is said to have healing power as it comes from the volcanic mountains.

The author presents both the beauty of these magnificent places and the potential of the Romanian mineral water, but also the failure of the Romanian Governments, from the beginning of the 20th century onward in making these areas flourish.

Indeed, locals and foreigners, most of them from the neighboring Hungary, know about the healing power of the mineral springs from Transylvania; yet, these mountain resorts still have to get investments in order to accommodate more tourists and to offer them the best conditions to treat their conditions.

What is interesting is that the author of the article comes from a country whose capital city, Budapest, is famous all over the world for the thermal baths and SPAs with no less than 118 thermal springs and 15 public thermal baths, along with many other private ones. It means the author is deeply familiarized with the touristic potential of the mineral waters and thermal springs.

Indeed, the Romanian Government should do more for these promising mountain resorts which, after the fall of the communist regime, were too little taken care of and modernized.

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