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March 5, 2024
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Romania Helped Ukraine Disconnect from Russian Energy Systems when Russia Attacked

Romania helped Ukraine disconnect from the Russian energy system the day Russia attacked Ukraine. Corina Popescu, Swift Energy Romania, revealed this.

Not many people know that in 2018, Romania became ambassador to the European Union for Moldova and Ukraine. I supported them to disconnect from the Russian system and connect to the European one. The first test with disconnection was done on the day the war broke out in Ukraine. Few people know this. On that night, when Russia attacked Ukraine, the energy systems in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova were disconnected and began the test of being connected to the European system. The test was planned for a year and was completed in three weeks. This was essential in helping Ukraine overcome a terrible time. We have moved electricity from the north-west of Ukraine to the south-east using our national systems.

Corina Popescu, Swift Energy Romania

Corina Popescu also said that the energy sector remains strong and strategic for Romania, and the country has demonstrated that it can have an energy security center.

We are currently continuing to deliver supply security in the region. Next year, I would be thrilled if the Minister of Energy supports and fights for Romania to have the regional security center for this part of Europe, including Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, in Romania. We have proven that we are capable of doing this. Starting from the second half of November, we started trading with Ukraine. So far, since the war started and being interconnected through the European system, we have only helped them get over the war. Now we have started trading. Next year, we will be invited to be part of the European Transport System Association and to be officially in the European system.

Corina Popescu, Swift Energy Romania

Romania remains one of the most important actors in the region during the conflict, due to its proximity to the war area. Romania also helps Moldova with energy and this September, Romanian TransGaz took over the gas operations in Moldova. The imports from Romania helped Moldova gain its energetic independence from Russia.

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