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March 5, 2024
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Romania Is Credited with the Best Medium-term Growth Potential in Renewables

The first SeeNext report dedicated exclusively to the Renewable Energy Industry in Romania is out, and Romania is credited with the best medium-term growth potential in renewables. This is good news for the energy sector and all the companies offering energy storage solutions.

Romania is the largest market in the region regarding the number of companies involved in green energy, as well as the turnovers ticked by them and will remain so in the medium term, according to the centralized data in a study carried out by the SeeNext platform. Thus, according to the mentioned source, were 2,567 companies active in renewable energy in the green energy markets of Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia in 2021. Romania, Greece and Bulgaria occupy the podium; they are currently the region’s stars in terms of investors’ interest in green energy.

This comprehensive analysis is based on data from 633 Romanian companies to give insights into the industry’s performance and trends.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Romania’s renewable energy revenues surged by nearly 70% in 2022, reaching EUR 9.6 billion, and the bottom line more than doubled.
  • Despite a surge in material costs due to supply chain disruptions, the sector’s net profit margin for 2022 was an impressive 20.9%.
  • Romania’s renewable energy sector has attracted foreign investment from 39 different countries.
  • Energy storage becomes an increasingly appealing solution to address intermittency and increase grid flexibility, with several hundred MWh capacity expected to be installed by 2025.

Renewables could be the next big thing in Romania’s energy, a sector where Romania is already the most independent country in Europe.

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