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March 4, 2024
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Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on CNN: No Imminent Decision to Accept Ukraine as a NATO Member State

In an interview for CNN, Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu recounts Romania’s role in the context of the Ukraine and Russia dispute. Also, he sends a clear message to Russian diplomats: there is no imminent decision to accept Ukraine as a NATO member state.

Romania asks for the consolidation of NATO’s presence in the country

Asked what part Romania is playing in this current diplomatic context, the Romanian foreign minister responded that Romania contributes to the Euro-Atlantic dialogue. In this matter, Romania asked for the consolidation of the NATO presence in Romania.

We are very glad that not only USA but also France has decided to deploy more troops in Romania. Actually I would like to share with you the fact that on the 3rd of February I will host in Bucharest a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Bucharest Nine Format, which is the format gathering all nine allies on the Eastern Flank, together with the French minister of foreign affairs visiting Bucharest on the same day, in order to discuss about the security situation in our neighborhood in the Black Sea region, and the foreign minister of Ukraine will also join us during that meeting, so we will be able to discuss ways and means how to continue to promote dialogue and to reach de-escalation in the region.

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu

Putin demands NATO to withdraw troops from Bulgaria and Romania

In response to Putin remarks about the Russian security and about withdrawal of the NATO forces from Bulgaria and Romania, Bogdan Aurescu responded:

As I already mentioned, we are ready to allow Russia to check whether there is any kind of offensive missiles in Romania. There are not. That’s for sure. Then, well, he said that Ukraine will become soon a NATO member if I understand correctly his remarks, but this is not on the agenda of the alliance right now. There is no imminent decision to accept Ukraine as a NATO member state.

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu

Concerns about Russia putting pressure on Moldova

The Foreign Minister explains the geopolitical vulnerability of Moldova and the pressure that exists there from Russia.

Well, Moldova is not a member of NATO, but we have witnessed recently, for instance in October, the gas crisis in the Republic of Moldova, and that was clearly prompted by some Russian actions against this country. It was perhaps a very good case study of hybrid actions against a country in the Eastern neighbourhood and both Romania and the EU have acted decisively in order to support Moldova to cope with such kinds of challenges.

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu

Here is the full intervention of the Romanian Foreign Minister, Mr Bogdan Aurescu, on CNN.

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