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December 9, 2022
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Romania Grants EUR 100 Million to Moldova in Non-Reimbursable Financial Aid

The Moldovan Government has recently approved an agreement with Romania, and Moldova is to receive EUR 100 Million in non-reimbursable financial aid.

According to Deschide.MD, the Moldovan Executive approved the signing of the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Romania on implementing the technical and financial assistance program based on a non-reimbursable financial aid of EUR 100 million granted by Romania to the Republic of Moldova.

The Agreement aims to strengthen the relations between the two states by intensifying cooperation in areas of significant interest. The amount of 100 million euros allocated by Romania to the Republic of Moldova is meant to implement projects that contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova for the direct benefit of all citizens.

The liberal political party in Moldova, PAS (The Party of Action and Solidarity), mentioned that the funds would go to infrastructure projects, especially in rural areas, to improve the quality of life of the people.
According to Deschide.MD, the Agreement includes provisions to foster collaboration in the following areas: energy, transportation and infrastructure, environmental protection and climate change, public works and infrastructure, small and medium-sized businesses. Also, the Agreement focuses on improving media independence, public administration reform, internal business, health, education, culture and heritage, research, and tourism.

The Agreement on non-reimbursable financial and technical assistance for 100 million euros granted by Romania to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova was approved during the joint meeting of the Governments of the two states.

However, not all Moldovan politicians are happy with this grant.

We will see how well this money will be used. It is a bit strange that the entire Romanian Cabinet of Ministers comes here. On the one hand, there is a pandemic and we keep people locked up in houses, on the other hand, we hold joint meetings. They probably have a different agenda than giving this money, especially in terms of the regional context, security, threats. Because in the end, what do you have to discuss so much about this money?

Grigore Novac, deputy of the PCRM-PSRM party

On Friday, February 11, during the joint meeting between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Romania, there were signed the Agreement on the construction of the bridge over the Prut between Ungheni (Republic of Moldova) and Ungheni (Romania), the Agreement on renovation and modernization of the Ghiurgiulești-Galați bridge and the Agreement aim to reduce roaming charges.

All this happens in 2022 when Romania pays debts and interest worth over 2 billion euros. Moreover, the grant is offered in unprecedented tension between NATO and Russia. This could escalate the crisis even more, as the Republic of Moldova is one of the states that Russia wants to keep under its influence, exactly like Ukraine.

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