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March 4, 2024
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Romania Leader in Europe at Electric Cars Sale

Romania recorded the most significant increase in Europe in electric car sales in the first half of 2022. The surge in fuel prices compelled Romanians to purchase electric vehicles due to their more advantageous consumption.

According to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers‘ most recent data, the number of electric cars sold in Europe’s first six months increased most in Romania. As a result, Romania’s sales of electric vehicles rose by 410%.

Romania experienced the most significant rise in electric vehicle sales throughout Europe between January and June 2022. As a result, 4,460 electric automobiles were sold in Romania, a 410.3% increase over the previous year. In contrast, only 874 zero-emission vehicles were registered over the same period last year.

The report also shows that 9.9% of all European cars sold in the first six months were electric. In 2021, the share of zero-emission vehicles was 6.6% in the same period.

At the European level, vehicles with diesel engines decreased from 21.6%to 17.4%. Additionally, the percentage of gasoline-powered vehicles has decreased from 41.9% in the first half of 2021 to 37.9%.

In contrast, plug-in hybrid vehicle sales now make up 8.7% of all vehicle sales, an increase of 0.4% from the previous year. Finally, cars with conventional hybrid engines increased from 19% in 2021 to 22.8% in 2022.

After five months of 2022, Dacia leads the top 10 brands for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, followed by Ford (4,683), Hyundai (3,921), Toyota (3,880), Renault (3,743), Volkswagen (3,382 units), Skoda (3,307 units), Mercedes Benz (3,010 units), Peugeot (1,855 units), and Kia (1,090 units).

There is no official estimate of how many of charging stations there are nationwide, but Romania does not excel in this chapter. To save money on gas and safeguard the environment, half of Romanians want to purchase electric vehicles, but the infrastructure for charging them continues to be the biggest impediment.

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