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November 29, 2023
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Romania’s E-commerce Sector to Increase by 13% YoY in 2022

Romania’s e-commerce sector might rise by 13-15% in 2022 compared to the gain of 10% in 2021, with the potential to expand the consumer base.

Once consumers saw how easy it is and what the benefits of online commerce are, they continued to order. As a result, we also noticed this paradigm shift in payments – namely the advance of card payments which, for several retailers, went to over 50%, and the average has increased a lot from this perspective. Things continued in 2021 and continued in 2022 at a steady pace. We have advanced well above average, unexpected for players for 2020 – and we are in a period of consolidation.

Florinel Chis, the executive director of the Romanian Association of Online Stores

After the pinnacle of the COVID-19 epidemic, when it was, for many individuals, the primary source of supply, e-commerce had proved that it had grown even more firmly embedded in the economy and society with a 13% increase in Europe in 2021 to EUR 718 billion.

According to data from Ecommerce Europe, currently, half of the people in Romania have an internet connection and shop online, compared to over 70% if Poland and Hungary are not taken into account, and to 90% in the Netherlands and the Nordic nations. Consequently, we have the opportunity to expand our customer base.

We often say that the pandemic has accelerated digitization. The pandemic has accelerated consumer behaviour. Several measures have also been, such as public campaigns encouraging online payments. The constant message was heard everywhere: pay online instead of using cash to limit contact. The pandemic created the context, and measures contributed to this acceleration. We see that those consumers who started ordering online stay there and continue to order online, which is validated by Eurostat by increasing the number of people who order online.

Florinel Chis, the executive director of the Romanian Association of Online Stores

The e-commerce market in Romania has expanded yearly, and the industry experts’ optimism is genuine. From this standpoint, the epidemic was beneficial, and the evolution is anticipated to continue at its current rate.

Western Europe is the most substantial region in B2C e-commerce sales, accounting for 63% of the total in 2021. Southern Europe is in second place with 16% of total sales, Central Europe and Northern Europe come in third and fourth (10% and 9%, respectively), and Eastern Europe (2%) last.

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