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April 19, 2024
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Romania Does Not Recognize Elections in Transnistria

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recognize the elections in Transnistria. This is the official communication issued by the ministry on Sunday, December 12.

Transnistria, the separatist region of Moldova, is officially recognized by only three other unrecognized or partially recognized states. The international community and the Republic of Moldova don’t recognize the region as independent, but on the contrary, as part of the republic, under the name ‘Administrative-Territorial Units of the Left Bank of the Dniester.’

This is the context of the so-called ‘elections’ organized by the local authorities in Transnistria. The elections are supposed to designate the future ‘president’ of the separatist region. People have to elect the current ‘president,’ Vadim Krasnoselskii, and the deputy Serghei Pînzar.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the position of the country: Romania advises for a peaceful approach and regulation of the conflict, according to international law and within the currently recognized borders of Moldova.

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