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March 4, 2024
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Romania Close to Declaring Flu Epidemic

Romania is close to declaring a flu epidemic. The cases have recently multiplied, and people have symptoms resembling a severe cold. Most of those with symptoms tested negative for COVID-19 and positive for flu.

The Romanian Minister of Health, Mr. Alexandru Rafila, considers this epidemic surprising, as it has appeared all over the EU and sooner than expected.

It is a situation that we have faced in other years as well, only that this time, compared to other years, the onset of this epidemic period is three to four weeks faster, which is not unexpected because it also happens in the Union European, especially after two years of restrictions in which the circulation of viruses that cause respiratory infections, including influenza viruses, was greatly reduced. With the lifting of all restrictions, the circulation of viruses is very intense, and the population is less prepared from an immunological point of view to defend itself from a large number of viruses, including cases of influenza, is the consequence of this situation

Romanian Minister of Health on the flu epidemic in the country

Once declared, the flu pandemic comes with restrictions, but Rafila doesn’t consider the type of restrictions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, only mild ones.

No one should understand that restrictions and obligations will be introduced. It is about the measures taken at the level of health units to limit visits to the hospital during the period that this epidemic situation will evolve, on the one hand. On the other hand, the measures related to the observance of the protection measures of the medical staff and patients in the medical units are being intensified, including the use of masks in the medical unit and epidemiological screening to prevent people with respiratory viruses coming to work. There will also be a set of general recommendations for the population – any person with a cold, including children, should not return to the community until after the symptoms disappear because the most important thing is to be isolated and not pass on the respiratory infection

Romanian Minister of Health on the restrictions about to be taken on flu epidemic

The problems with this flu epidemic come from a lack of medicines, and antivirals are not easy to find these days in the country.

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