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February 23, 2024
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Former Spokesman for Romania’s Ministry of Health Accuses Cover-ups of Adverse Effects of Covid Vaccination

The report revealing what happened during the vaccination campaign was published by the very authorities that praised the results of the vaccination campaign in the first place. Moreover, the report was published in July 2022 on the official page dedicated to vaccination without any official informing the mass media about it. From this perspective, yet another lack of transparency contributes to vaccine conspiracy theories.

‘Mission Accomplished’ – report on anti-Covid vaccination in Romania

The document is published as a pdf file, and it was accidentally discovered by a former spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Bogdan Oprea. He also told the Romanian press that when he was a spokesperson, he was told by the coordinator of the vaccination campaign to cover up the adverse effects of the anti-Covid vaccines when he communicated to the public.

Romania is famous for the cumulative number of confirmed Covid-19 deaths per million inhabitants exceeded countries like India and Brazil but also exceeded the average of the European Union.

Cumulative number of confirmed deaths in Romania during Covid 19 pandemic reported by Johns Hopkins University.

It should be mentioned that the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Romania was a military officer – colonel Valeriu Gheorghita, now working for the Romanian Intelligence Agency SRI. Bogdan Oprea accuses him of covering up the proof that vaccination had adverse reactions. In reply to the accusations, Gheorghita rejected any of the deeds mentioned by Oprea.

Former spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Romania
Bogdan Oprea – Facebook capture

The first national case of a side effect of the vaccine was in a lady from Vâlcea. Temporary right facial paralysis. I was the spokesperson. A senior ministry official, a doctor, looked at the medical record. Those from the local hospital had called a neurologist, he had made the diagnosis. Not an “ER”, not another doctor. They had done their job, they had taken care of the patient. We issued a statement summarizing the case, we made it our duty to inform people.
The head of CNCAV, Colonel Gheorghiță, called us. He was angry that I gave the statement. There were tensions between MS and CNCAV, but now we had a concrete case. Gheorghita asked us to lie. “How can we deny it if it’s true?” I asked him. “The woman has nothing,” he told us. I replied that we had the documents and added: “If she has nothing, why did you bring her by ambulance to Bucharest?”. He responded that she had a “panic attack.” I will never forget this.

Former spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Bogdan Oprea, on the cover-ups of the adverse effects of the vaccination – interview for Libertatea

Bogdan Oprea is not against vaccination but on the contrary. Even now, he thinks vaccination is the right approach to stop the spreading of Covid. At the same time, as a journalism professor at Bucharest University, he thinks transparency in communicating the adverse effects should also be compulsory. But, as it appears, the Romanian authorities did not consider it this way.

The report talks about 41,486 adverse reactions post-vaccination that Romanians weren’t informed about. On top of that, doctors are talking about up to 9 times more adverse reactions.

Dr Vasile Astarastoae talking about vaccination
Dr Vasile Astarastoae – Facebook capture

In all public appearances, adverse effects were downplayed, and doctors were, by various methods, discouraged from reporting them. Furthermore, vaccinated individuals had no follow-up to detect adverse reactions and post-vaccination complications. But even if we take only the reported figures for granted, we must note that there was iatrogenicity: more than 19,000 healthy people became ill because of a medical act – vaccination. Statistically, it is little, factually it is worrying

Dr Vasile Astarastoae cited by R3Media on the vaccination report in Romania

The scandal appears in a very interesting context, as the adverse reactions to the Astra Zeneca vaccine are being revealed in Romania.

I was right. We were sold something as single and effective. Who is responsible for this hidden information, and who is responsible for the dead? In Italy, compensation is already granted, and a fund of 250 million euros exists. Who is responsible for the sudden deaths because they are still not talking about? I voted against the digital passport, which conditioned the right to education and health. Who answers? Things are serious, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I existed at the greatest medical experiment in the history of the planet

MEP Tudor Ciuhodaru, health doctor, on the cover-up of the adverse reactions of the anti-Covid vaccines for Stiri pe surse

At the European level, actions are being taken to discover the truth about the vaccination campaign. The very president of the European Commission is to be questioned by a European Parliament committee on the acquisition of the vaccine doses. A formal investigation of the vaccination campaign is opened by the EPPO – the European Prosecutor’s Office. It appears that clauses in the contracts with Pfizer and other suppliers have been hidden from the public, and the investigators need to find any corruption-related acts.

This scandal is just another example of how, by covering up something today, one won’t be able to be credible when telling the truth later. Also, the truth will always come up sooner or later, and the effects of hiding it in the first place can be far stronger than the ones one tried to cover.

Unfortunately, it appears there will be no formal investigation on the subject in Romania. The ruling coalition is strong enough to block any such attempt, and the voting intention shows that at least one of the ruling parties will continue ruling from 2024 onwards. The deceased, the paralyzed, and the seriously affected people following vaccination will be left behind and only mentioned in statistics.

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