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March 4, 2024
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Romania – Guest of Honor in Belgrade’s International Book Fair

Romania is the special guest at the 65th annual Belgrade International Book Fair, which runs from October 23 to October 3.

According to Agerpres, more than 30 Romanian authors will be at the country’s booth, marketed under the motto “Books for Friends” (BFF). According to the source cited, there will be more than 30 events attended by writers, editors, translators, cultural journalists, and university professors from both nations, as well as an exhibition of Romanian editorial innovations (fiction, non-fiction, books for children and youth, and art).

Nichita Stanescu, the most adored Romanian poet in Serbia, will be the focal point of the event’s graphic representation of Romania’s presence. The event entitled ‘Belgrade in 5 friends. My friend, Nichita’ is organized in association with the National Museum of Romanian Literature, the Writers’ Association from Serbia, and the Filip Visnjic publishing firm.

Professional dialogues. News in Romanian and Serbian literature” are the titles of two events dedicated to book professionals, organized in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute. They aim to intensify literary translations and editorial collaborations between the two cultural spaces.

A similar event entitled BookFest was organized in Bucharest, as well. The event honoured Japanese guests and culture.

In other words, cultural exchange is one of the most fascinating ways to get to know the unknown, and such events ensure this opportunity.

Romanian literary works are appreciated and known abroad. Valuable Romanian culture and authors also find their appreciation and academic recognition on an international level. Through these events, Romania has the chance to share its literature wealth with other people. This act represents more than a cultural exchange but also an expansion of Romanian literature internationally.

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