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July 16, 2024
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Romania Abstains from Voting UN Resolution Calling for Truce in Gaza

Romania abstained from voting on the UN Resolution calling for a truce in Gaza. The Resolution was initiated and backed by the Arab states and drafted by Jordan.

The motion is not binding but carries political weight, with 120 nations voting in favour and only 14 – including the US and Israel, but also Hungary, Czech Republic or Austria – voting against.

Meanwhile, 45 countries – including Australia, the UK, India and Canada, and European Union states, such as Germany, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria – abstained from voting. Notably, countries like Ukraine or Moldova abstained from voting as well.

What is interesting about the Resolution is that An amendment, proposed by Canada and backed by over 35 Member States, including the US, seeking an explicit condemnation of Hamas, did not pass, failing to get two-thirds support.

Israel called this adoption a day that will go down as an infamy.

This is a dark day for the UN and mankind. Israel will defend itself and will do what must be done to eradicate Hamas’ capabilities and bring the hostages home.

Gilad Erdan, Ambassador of Israel to the UN

Even so, the motion was adopted, and it added additional political pressure on Israel, as the country has just launched a significant ground offensive in Gaza.

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