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May 22, 2024
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Romania Prepares a 30-Day Ban for Ukrainian Grain

Sources say that the Romanian Government is preparing a 30-day ban for the Ukrainian grain. The decision will only let the Ukrainian authorities prepare the transit so that it won’t affect the Romanian internal market. This decision seems to be followed, after 30 days, by another one which will let the transit in certain conditions.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Mr Marcel Ciolacu, confirmed the rumours on Monday, September 18. He mentioned that Romania can ban Ukrainian products for 30 days. Also, he said there was only a gentlemen’s agreement between him and the Ukraine’s PM, but both kept their promises.

It was a gentlemen’s agreement between me and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, which we both respected. There was no request for any grain export from Ukraine to Romania.

Romania’s PM Marcel Ciolacu on a 30-day ban for the Ukrainian grain

The Ukrainian grains scandal ignited when the Ukrainian cereals flooded the European internal markets and hit the local farmers. The cheap products from Ukraine, most of the time poisoned with pesticides above the European Union limit, seemed attractive for lots of processors in the European markets. Thus, the local farmers suffered significant losses, yet uncovered by the European Commission.

Also, according to Ukrainian sources, Romania has become the largest importer of Ukrainian wheat, after Turkey, which seriously hits local agriculture.

In July, Romania demanded the EU continue the Ukrainian grain ban until the end of 2023. It seems that the external pressure persuaded Romania not to join the other countries that protested and banned Ukrainian products despite the European Commission’s decision. Lately, the EC decided to lift the ban imposed on the Ukrainian grain, but Poland, Hungary and Slovenia declared they would take unilateral decisions to continue the ban.

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