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June 16, 2024
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Are You an Expat in Romania? You Can Pay Residence Documents Fees at SelfPay Payment Points!

A new facility was introduced for the expats living in Romania. Starting from January, expats can pay their residence documents fees by using the SelfPay stations. Convenient, right?

Actually, if you’re an expat living in Romania, there is a good chance for you to find a SelfPay station near your house or near your office, as there are over 5,500 SelfPay stations all over Romania. You can actually find out the nearest payment station to your location by accessing the dedicated page of Self Pay Romania.

SelfPay stations are to be found mostly in the most popular retail networks in Romania, among which Carrefour, Mega Image or Profi, but also in gas stations or convenience stores in over 1,000 Romanian cities.

We continue to actively involve in the process of digitalization of the organizations as well as of the local and public authorities. Meanwhile, we diversify our portfolio of services offer to our clients. Especially during this difficult period, our network of more than 5,500 payment stations represents a secure and fast way for everybody to easily handle the payment process, this allows the users to stay safe and to limit their interaction with other persons during the process.

Adrian Badea, CEO of SelfPay

The facility for the expats doesn’t stop here. The expats living in Romania can also pay their rates for their residence and travel document by using one of the 1,000 CEC Bank units, spread nationwide.

Actually, this is not the first good news we recently heard from SelfPay. In November last year, SelfPay announced the introduction of the Lottery playing possibility over the payment station, a much appreciated announcement especially because the Romanian Lottery closed its units in the cities where the COVID-19 infection rate went above a certain percentage.

We just hope they don’t stop here with the integrations of the payment processes over their payment points.

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