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October 21, 2020
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Up to 1 Million Romanians Could Have Already Got Infected with Coronavirus Without Knowing It

Months ago, Romania started a mass testing for COVID-19 for showing how many individuals have had COVID-19, even if they didn’t developed any symptoms. So far there were tested 17,000 Romanians during this experiment and the results are astonishing, as they were communicated by the Romanian minister of Health on Friday: 4.6% of those who were tested have already had COVID-19. The tests proved the presence of anti-bodies for the new coronavirus in the case of 4.6% tests.

As the volunteers were picked up randomly, in different areas and of different ages in order to replicate the national model, it means that in Romania the official data is 7 times lower than the reality. In other words, if this sort of experiments show that 4.6% of the Romanians have already had COVID-19, most of them without knowing it, the official data is completely wrong. Besides, the mortality rate is far for the true one.

Almost 1 million Romanians could’ve had COVID-19 so far, without knowing it

If we project the 4.6% to the whole population of Romania, of around 21,000,000, here counting those who came back from abroad at the beginning of the pandemic, it will result almost 1 million people. This is the real number the experiment shows for Romanians who already had Coronavirus, most of them without knowing it.

The official record in Romania as today barely reaches 152,000 infected cases, which is almost 7 times lower than the experiment of mass testing shows.

What about the real mortality rate in Romania for COVID-19?

The mortality rate, as we are being told, is around 3-4%. By October 10, Romania has officially registered 5358 deaths for a registered number of 152,403 infections. The mortality rate in this case is 3.51%. It is around the European average and specialists say this is the “normal” mortality rate.

Wrong again.

If the real number of infections on Romanian territory is around 1 million, than the real mortality rate is only 0.5%.

Why do we take the official number of deaths and we didn’t multiply it accordingly? In Romania the deaths have been counted in a weird manner. Various witnesses complain their relatives died from other causes, such as a serious medical condition, but they were registered as “dead because of the COVID-19”. One popular joke during pandemic was that it was hard to die in Romania for other causes than COVID-19, especially if somebody else saw you sneezed or cough before you died. What we mean, beyond this dark humor, is that the authorities simply registered all the deaths they could as COVID-19 related. Unless you were a victim of a car crash, chances were you were dead from coronavirus – this seemed to be the official order during pandemic.

Returning to the situation described – it is normal for such a data to come up now, as 80% of those tested and found infected with the new coronavirus were asymptomatic. If 80% of the infected population haven’t developed any symptom, than the number of the potential infected in Romania could be legit: 1 million infected, only 152,000 identified and registered.

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