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January 24, 2022
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While Passenger Locator Form is Mandatory when Entering Romania, Tens of Thousands DO NOT Comply

From December 20, 2021, people who enter Romania must complete the digital passenger locator form (dPLF). 18 European union members adopted this document, and Romania is one of them who chose to enforce it. The paper is filled by all people who enter the country by plane, road or sea transport.

Romania’s digital passenger locator form shows the countries and areas where a person traveled before entering Romania. The Government introduced the form to maintain our health and those around us. Before entering Romania, the form must be filled out individually with a maximum of 24 hours’ notice. It may be performed on your phone, tablet, or computer via electronic means.

If the individual has filled out the form, it will be shown in the Border Police’s computer system while verifying the identification card/passport. In this way, the authorities will have confirmation if the person has filled in the form. You don’t have to print the document.

Between 25.12 and 31.11.2021, around 40,000 people entered the country without filling in the digital form. Thus, authorities applied 13,634 sanctions amounting to 6.257.391,43 euros. Of these, 5,960 sanctions amounting to 3.616.870,13 were given by the authorities in Bucharest.

Many people had additional expenditures between Christmas and New Year because of these forms. Maybe some people were unaware of the digital passenger locator form (dPLF) or chose to ignore it. However, the penalties were tough, and the authorities forgave no one.

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