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July 7, 2022
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Parachute Jump Inside Romanian Cathedral Creates Controversy

A new scandal implies the Romanian Orthodox Church. One extreme sports lover jumped with a parachute inside the Romanian Cathedral from approximately 60 m. The clip was uploaded on Youtube shorts and it is now subject to vivid debates between those who admire the act and those who criticize it.

Apparently, the man climbed onto a high edge inside the cathedral, and from there, he jumped towards the floor. The jump seems to be pretty lean, as the parachute opened and the man landed nicely.

According to the Romanian Orthodox Church, even though the clip was posted recently, the jump was made last summer, judging by the evolution of the works.

According to the estimates resulting from the analysis of the published images, in which details related to the evolution of the interior site can be observed, the incident took place last year during the summer. The coordinating teams of the National Cathedral site have notified the security and surveillance services, which are currently carrying out checks on the existing databases on the identified time interval, both for the interior and exterior space of the Cathedral.

We mention that the incident is a fraudulent act, committed abusively and without any involvement on the part of those working on this site. Given the high degree of risk of the incident, the coordinating team of the National Cathedral will request the support of the competent authorities who are able to carry out an appropriate investigation in order to detect that person.

Romanian Orthodox Church Press Release

The clip gathered 30K views on Youtube shorts after it was posted on the Extreme Official Youtube channel.

The Romanian Police investigates the circumstances of the incident. The man could be charged, by Romanian law, with trespassing private property or, if the case, vandalizing the property. For the last one, it has to be proved that the man damaged the property.

Romanian Cathedral, named People’s Salvation Cathedral, is one of the most controversial initiatives in Bucharest. While some consider that the enormous sums of money invested so far could’ve been used better for hospitals and schools, others think that the building will attract visitors to Romania’s Capital.

It is the most significant and highest Orthodox Cathedral in the world, and it is still under construction, with no definitive target date to be finalized.

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