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July 16, 2024
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Pakistani Kidnappers Arrested for Crimes Committed in Romania

While welcoming all sorts of immigrants, most of them coming to find better living and working conditions, Romania also imports high-risk criminality. From drug dealers to kidnappers, all these criminals found Romania as a proper country to perpetrate their crimes.

The most recent case is no exception to the rule – after an investigation conducted by the Bucharest Police Department’s officers, two Pakistani suspects were caught in the act while transporting the victims with their car.

On February 12, police officers from the 24th Police Department were alerted, at around 8:35 p.m., through 112, the Unique Emergency Number, by a man, a foreign citizen, regarding a possible kidnapping of a person. Following the hearings, the appellant stated that on the mentioned date, around 8.30 p.m., a relative of a young foreign citizen asked him to inform the Romanian authorities that his grandson, whom he knew would be working in the territory of our country, he would have been kidnapped, and in exchange for his release, he would have been asked for 10,000 euros.

Bucharest Police Department Press Release

The Police officers focused on conducting specific investigative activities to identify and apprehend the suspects in Brasov, central Romania. Our sources say the suspects were identified using their mobile phone signal. Apparently, Pakistani citizens are not familiar yet with the technical surveillance devices available in Europe, and they revealed their location while using their smartphones. This made the case simple, but the investigations would’ve been more complicated if the criminals had been experienced.

From the investigative-operative activities, with the support of the Special Operations Directorate of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, it was determined that the suspects were travelling in a car, and around 4:50 p.m., the car was intercepted and stopped in traffic, within the Brasov county radius. Thus, the police immobilized and identified the people inside.

Bucharest Police Department

What is to be understood from such a case? First, unfortunately, Romania is not the safe country it used to be. With hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens pouring into the country on temporary labour licences, as Romania issues 100,000 working licenses a year, the authorities cannot simply control all of them nor monitor their behaviour. On the other hand, this is a lesson for all the European countries importing Asian labour force: be prepared to import criminality, whether petty or high-risk.

One thing is sure, though – the “cultural enrichment” that Brussels officials talk about when referring to the influx of immigrants is not always about culture. And by bluntly saying this, no one is advocating against European values, but on the contrary, is trying to protect them.

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