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June 22, 2024
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Romanian Border Police: Over 180,000 Underaged Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Over 180,000 Ukrainian minors entered Romania since the military conflict started in Ukraine. The Romanian border police informed the new data regarding the number of Ukrainian citizens who came to Romania.

The Border Police Press Office transmitted a series of data regarding the Ukrainian citizens who entered Romania since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Bugetul.ro, on March 27, 562,942 Ukrainian citizens had entered Romania, with 67.6% being adults and 32.4% being adolescents. This means that 182,393 Ukrainian citizens were under 18 when they entered Romania.

From the onset of this crisis, until 27.03.2022, at 24.00, at national level (through all border points with neighbouring states), 562,942 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania, of which 67.6% were adults, and 32.4% were minors. We specify that the control formalities at the border crossing are carried out in accordance with the national and community regulations in the field. To this end, all persons crossing the border shall be subject to systematic checks (verification of travel documents and consultation of relevant databases) in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/399 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Union Code on the transit procedure. borders by persons (Schengen Borders Code).

Romanian Border Police

It should be noted that the March 28 reporting has also appeared in the meantime. According to figures released by the Border Police, 570,567 Ukrainian people have entered Romanian territory since the conflict in Ukraine.

Relating to the data from March 18, 469,284 Ukrainian citizens have been registered to enter Romania. The number is declining, meaning that approximately 108,000 Ukrainian citizens fled to Romania within ten consecutive days. This situation is seen in contrast to the first days of the outbreak of the conflict, in which over 20,000 refugees were coming to Romania within 24 hours.

On 28.03.2022, within 24 hours, at the national level, 64,436 people entered Romania through the border points, out of which 7,625 were Ukrainian citizens (decreasing by 1.9% compared to the previous day). 4,063 Ukrainian citizens entered the border with Ukraine (up 1%), and 1,868 Ukrainian citizens entered the Republic of Moldova (down 18%). From the beginning of this crisis, until March 28, 22.00, at 24.00, at the national level, 570,567 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania.

Romanian Border Police

According to data released by the Romanian Interior Ministry, 4,320 Ukrainian residents have applied for refuge in the country since the conflict began in Ukraine.

However, the military conflict is still very much present in Ukraine, and it does not appear that it will end soon, although negotiations have been held between Russia and Ukraine. Romania can expect a consequent wave of refugees because the situation in Ukraine is still unpredictable.

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