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March 4, 2024
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The number of Foreign Tourists Visiting Romania Increased by 81% Y/Y in January

According to Romania’s National Institute of Statistics, the arrivals of foreign visitors increased by 81.7% in January compared to January 2022. Meanwhile, the departures abroad of Romanian visitors increased by 39.4%. Of the total number of arrivals, Romanian tourists represented 84.5%, while foreign tourists represented 15.5%.

The most foreign tourists came from Italy (15,000), Israel (14,300) and Germany (11,000).

Signs of a very good year for tourism operators are already visible, as the arrivals and overnight stays in tourist structures in Romania, including apartments and rooms for rent, totalled 784,000 citizens in January, an increase of 24.4% compared to January 2022.

Overnight stays totalled 1.48 million people, up 24% compared to January 2022. Of the total number of overnight stays, those of Romanian tourists represented 81%, and those of foreign tourists amounted to 19%. The average length of stay in January 2023 was 1.8 days for Romanian tourists and 2.3 days for foreign tourists.

Bucharest was visited by the most tourists (121,900), followed by the counties of Braşov (110,300) and Prahova (46,900).

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