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December 7, 2023
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NOVA: Digital Arts Festival in Bucharest, Starting August 23

Nova Festival is a digital arts festival held in Bucharest every year. This year it starts on Monday, August 23 and the public can enjoy it for 3 weeks.

This festival offers a totally new kind of performance for the general audience. Digital arts mean a lot more than one might think. It’s not only about a light projection on a wall or a piece of art displayed on a huge screen. No, Sir, it’s even better.

For you to understand what to expect from this festival, suffice it to say that on the very first day the Latvian artist Paula Vitola uses the light of the sun, the wind, the shadows, and the movements of her own body to create almost alien sounds. If this suits your expectations, you can enjoy it during the ‘I Speak Sun’ event recorded at sunset at Deschis Gastrobar and displayed during the Galateca gallery starting on August 26.

Paula Vitola performing digital music during digital arts festival
Paula Vitola performing

Also, the organizers prepared lots of other surprises for those who will attend the festival. Among them, there are workshops, such as the Machine Learning for Digital Arts. Yes, AI is more and more present even when it comes to the arts themselves and soon the artificial intelligence will be able to create masterpieces on a regular basis.

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