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January 28, 2021
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Romanian President: No Majority Yet to Form New Government

Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, announced that there was no political majority for designating a new PM to form a Government.

The announcement was made after Klaus Iohannis held consultations today with all the political parties which will form the Parliament in the new legislature, including with the parties which are about to form the Opposition: the winning party, PSD – Social Democratic Party and AUR – the nationalist party.

During the weekend, PNL – National Liberal Party tried to negotiate with the USR-PLUS – the reformist alliance and with UDMR – the minority Hungarian party, hoping to form a majority to nominate one candidate as PM. As the negotiations failed, each party proposed a different PM.

Also, Klaus Iohannis announced he will summon the new Parliament for December 21, disregard of the results of the negotiations between parties. Also, he said a new round of negotiations was needed at that point for the parties to form a coalition.

Photo source: presidency.ro

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