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March 5, 2024
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Monk Shoots Romanian Worker on Mount Athos

A 51-year-old Romanian worker was shot on Mount Athos by a monk. According to his family, the victim’s condition is deteriorating, and he is in serious condition now in a Romanian hospital.

The man was transported from a Greek hospital, where he received medical care but lost blood following the wound, to a Romanian hospital, where his brother told the local media he’d been appropriately taken care of.

The monk was trying to shoot a cat, according to sources. He missed it and shot the Romanian instead. The victim collapsed to the ground as he was shot in both legs.

Apparently, the monk’s gesture was generated by the cat not eating the food he offered. But the whole incident is strange enough, even without any reason behind the gesture.

I want to share the news about my brother, which was broadcasted on all channels but was viewed from a completely different angle by netizens. Some of them thought about the story with the cat, others about the story about the weapons, but too few thought about the health of our good Sandu Costel, a head man in the family, loved and appreciated by the people who know him. He had the misfortune to be on Mount Athos at a fateful moment, doing what he knows best: working. He would have been shot by the monk he worked for, and more than two weeks after the incident, he lost a lot of blood. The case tried to be covered up, but people’s plan does not coincide with God’s plan. So, Costel was brought to the country thanks to the family that got involved and called for help from the authorities.

Victim’s brother telling local media about the incident

The Greek police investigate the case. No official communication has been issued so far on the subject.

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