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March 4, 2024
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Opinion Poll: Moldovans are Against Joining NATO

Moldovans oppose joining NATO, concludes an opinion poll conducted in the Republic of Moldova during September – October.

According to the results, 46% of the Moldovans are against joining NATO. There is a growing tendency to oppose joining NATO in Moldova, as seen in the graphic below, and it is the highest percentage ever recorded by the opinion poll institute.

Infographic showing the intention of the Moldovans towards joining NATO

On the other hand, 38% of the Moldovan citizens are in favor of joining the European Union, according to the International Republican Institute.

Infographic showing the support of the Moldovans towards joining EU

Moldovans wouldn’t say no to the idea of their country joining the Eurasian Union in the future, but the support is visibly less than towards joining the EU.

Infographic showing the support of the Moldovans towards joining the Eurasian Union

The Republic of Moldova is a country to be understood only if analyzing the complexity of its history and its geopolitical and economic context. Moldovans wouldn’t like to bother mighty Russia by joining the NATO, a military alliance at its core, but wouldn’t say no to enjoying the benefits of being a member country of the EU or even of the Eurasian Union.

On the other hand, the current political leaders of Moldova are determined to take significant steps in joining the EU, a long and painful process. Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries in the region have taken the same steps long ago.

Will the Republic of Moldova join the EU in the foreseeable future? Will the Moldovan political class support the idea, or will this goal perish once the parties in power are sent to the Opposition? Will Russia accept losing another former state of the USSR from its influence? The answers to these questions will become more apparent in at least a few years. But, as politics always show us, surprises can appear overnight.

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