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June 16, 2024
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Former Romania President: Moldova Must Give Up Transnistria to Join EU

Romanian MEP Traian Băsescu, former Romania’s President, met with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, in Chisinau. On the public television station Moldova 1, the former president of Romania later declared that joining the EU has a cost called Transnistria.

If times change, and there will be a relaxation regarding the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the EU, you have the solution: vote in the Parliament for the union with Romania! This means entering the EU overnight. But let’s not be naive: the Republic of Moldova has Russian troops and separatism on its territory. If politicians choose to join the Union with Romania or join the EU, they will have to decide on the separation of Transnistria from the Republic of Moldova. This is because it is not possible to “import” frozen conflicts inside the EU (…) Without launching speculations, I say only one thing: the Republic of Moldova can’t bring inside the EU a frozen conflict, such as the one in Transnistria, which also has troops of the Russian Federation on its territory and armaments, and ammunition storage – all the evils that the EU avoids.

Ex-Romanian President Traian Basescu on how the Republic of Moldova can join EU

Transnistria, a narrow strip of land along the Dniester River, is a breakaway region within Moldova that declared independence in 1990 but remains unrecognized internationally. The region is heavily influenced by Russia, which maintains a military presence there, complicating Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Despite being officially part of Moldova, Transnistria operates as a de facto independent state with its government, military, and currency. This creates a significant geopolitical dilemma for Moldova’s aspirations to join the European Union.

The former pro-Russian president of the Republic of Moldova, the socialist Igor Dodon, reacted harshly in the local media after Traian Băsescu declared that the Moldovans must give up Transnistria if they want to enter the European Union. His adversity to Western Europe is well known in his country and beyond Moldovan borders. Even so, his speech can make Moldovans think twice before making any decision.

“Traian Basescu surrendered everything he could in Romania to the Americans, and he came to us to teach us lessons?! Mr. President, mind your own business. We will somehow clarify ourselves and without you. I saw that you really hope that two presidents will come to liquidate the Republic of Moldova after the presidential elections in Romania and Moldova. If there were a normal government in the Republic of Moldova, they would expel Băsescu from the country for such declarations of the liquidation of the Republic of Moldova. Still, we have some traitors who do not want to do this. Now you understand, dear fellow citizens, why the decision was correct when I withdrew Basescu’s citizenship, which was granted in violation of the legislation by the former president who was up to me.

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon reacting to Traian Basescu statements on the unification between Moldova and Romania

The unresolved conflict with Transnistria poses a security risk and an obstacle to meeting the EU’s political and economic criteria for membership. Russian troops and the lack of control over this region challenge Moldova’s ability to implement EU-aligned reforms and policies comprehensively, thus hindering its European integration efforts.

Even so, the European Union has signed an agreement to contribute to the security of the Republic of Moldova. This is a premiere for the EU, which promises to defend a third-party country if needed.

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