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March 5, 2024
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Moldova Digital Summit 2023: Moldova Emerges as the Premier Tech Hub in Central and Eastern Europe

Moldova is a regional leader in public services digitalization, and currently, 40% of public services intended for the general population, especially entrepreneurs, are available online. To maintain the digitalization trend, the Government of Moldova aims to double the number of public services intended for citizens in the next year.

The most important pillar for Moldova to become a digital and innovation hub in Central and Eastern Europe is creating a complex platform providing access to critical technological resources, expertise, know-how, collaboration, and investment opportunities. The latest Moldova Digital Summit, organized by ATIC, was the most significant event dedicated to Moldova’s digital transformation and technological innovations, attended by 2,500 participants, including 68 speakers, experts and leaders of tech and business communities from 30 countries.

Opening remarks of Moldova’s Prime Minister, Mr. Dorin Recean at MDS23
Opening remarks of Moldova’s Prime Minister, Mr. Dorin Recean at MDS23

The event’s theme, “Evolve towards a Borderless Future,” shows the direction in which Moldova is heading, shaped by global trends.

The G2C borders were also challenged to disappear through the launch of the Moldova Government super app “EVO,” which will provide access to all public services at their fingertips. In addition, The e–Governance Agency of Moldova signed a Memorandum with Romania to develop a shared digital space between the two countries.

As of 2022, the ICT sector in Moldova has recorded the highest growth rate among all sectors of the economy at over 45%, employs 3% of the active population, and has a significant contribution of about 7.4% to the country’s GDP, accounting for 11% of country’s exports valued at over USD 500 million.

Moldova has access to high-speed internet, ranks 6th for the lowest fixed broadband costs and enjoys 100% mobile network coverage. The legal framework for IT campaigns positions Moldova at a regional level as the country offering the most attractive business incentives. One of them is a single 7% tax turnover within the Moldova Innovation and Technology Park (MITP) – a virtual park that combines EU best practices and simplifies bureaucratic procedures.

MITP residents’ employees now have remote work opportunities, IT Visas facilitate foreign talent hiring, and new “contactless business” laws minimize the need for physical presence in Moldova.

Moldova Digital Summit is organized by the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies under the auspices of the Prime Minister and financed by USAID, the Governments of Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and the EU Delegation.

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