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June 22, 2024
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Exit Polls: Moldova Has a Pro-European President – Maia Sandu Wins the Elections

Presidential elections Moldova 2020: acording to exit-polls, pro-European Maia Sandu wins the elections and becomes the first pro-European president in the Republic of Moldova.

The exit poll realized by the Institute for Public Policies in Moldova, shows that Maia Sandu was voted by 54.5% of the voters, while Igor Dodon by 45.3%. The data gathered does not include voters from Transnistria and Moldovan Diaspora.

The president in office, Igor Dodon, didn’t recognize his defeat, despite the two exit polls who indicate his opponent as winner. He also made an appeal to calm and peace.

The official results are to come the following days. There was a record of presence at the polls, especially abroad.

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