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October 1, 2023
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Tens of Dead, Wounded following LPG Station Explosion in Romania

Late edit, Sunday, August 27, 10.30 EEST: Official sources mention at least two dead and 57 seriously wounded, among which there are 39 firefighters. Eleven victims have been transferred to European hospitals in Norway, Belgium, Italy and Germany, and their number could increase in the following hours, as Romania can’t treat large numbers of victims following explosions or fires.

There are concerns that the firefighters who intervened after the first explosion might have mismanaged the potential risks involved.

Initial news: Almost 50 dead and wounded, including firefighters, following multiple LPG station explosions in Crevedia, South Romania. When we write this post, sources say there are 48 wounded, of which 28 firefighters were already transported to hospitals in Bucharest and nearby counties.

Five wounded are severely ill; three will be transferred to specialized hospitals in Belgium and Italy.

We now have information that there was an explosion when people serving the station and the transporters tried to move the LPG from one wagon to another.

The LPG station in Crevedia has six tanks with 10 tons of fuel. This is why there were several others after the first explosion, which reportedly killed at least two persons. Witnesses say there were at least three explosions, as tanks caught fire one after the other.

Three thousand residents in the area have been evacuated as more explosions are expected following the fire extending to civilian buildings.

LPG is a highly flammable fuel type that is extensively used, especially by taxi drivers, as it is cheaper than gas or diesel.

Romania is not at the first incident of this kind. Months ago, there was another explosion at an LPG station near Bucharest, which killed two people. Yet, the most severe incident occurred in 2004 when a truck with ammonium nitrate exploded in Mihailesti, South Romania, killing 18 and wounding 13.

The events are still in development.

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