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June 16, 2024
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Localm – Romanian Platform Offering Booking in Romanian Villages

Localm is something which some might call “the Airbnb for countryside pensions“. Or “the Booking of the Romanian countryside“. Yet, it is more than that.

Localm offers booking in Romanian villages, but behind each of the 150 listings on the platform there is a story. The entrepreneurs behind the platform focus more on the stories of the places and on the social connections between the tourist and the pensions’ owners.

That’s how this story starts – we built this platform as a bridge for those who, like us, long to remember a childhood spent in the countryside with their grandparents, and wish to give their children the chance to such fairy-tale adventures. For those who’ve come a long way to discover Romanian traditions. For those who are curious to discover a different Romania. 

Localm founders on reasons they started the platform

In fact, the platform doesn’t sell destinations, but Rest, Cuisine and Customs. The connection between humans is placed above the travel value of the destination and this is what differentiate Localm than other platforms.

From local gastronomy to local traditions, from picturesque landscapes to local stories told by the owner of the pension himself, the experience of the traveler who booked his countryside vacation on Localm is unique and memorable.

According to plans for 2021, the owners intend to reach 1,200 rest, cuisine and customs listings. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep the idea behind Localm: a platform for all those who want to experience the Romanian countryside at its most authentic.

Do you miss your childhood vacations? Do you miss the countryside life? Have you ever imagined all those beautiful experiences can be lived again? Just long into Localm, the Romanian portal for timeless countryside experiences.

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