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August 14, 2022
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Former Social-Democrat Leader Liviu Dragnea Gets Out of Prison Earlier on Parole

Former Romanian Social-Democratic leader gets out of prison earlier, on parole. On Thursday, July 15th, Liviu Dragnea got out of jail after 2 years and 2 months.

He was condemned to 3 years and 6 months in jail in May 2019 for corruption-related crimes. According to the release terms, he will not be able to lead any party, be elected, or occupy public positions for a certain period.

His first statements when he got out of jail were:

There were 2 years of torment and suffering. That is what it was here – abuses and humiliation and the majority of the population understood why I had to be inprisoned for. When I left, Romania was a prosperous country, with decent revenues. Today it is a fierce dictatorship. I consider myself a political prisoner because I entered in jail not guilty. I was insistently asked in the last months, when in the court, to admit I was guilty. I refused.

Liviu Dragnea on getting out on parole

Liviu Dragnea is the former leader of PSDSocial Democratic Party in Romania. He was sentenced to jail while occupying the top position in the party – president. The sentence came the very next day after PSD lost the European parliamentary elections in May 2019. He resigned while in prison and apparently he is no longer in a position to influence the decisions within the party.

Most of his former colleagues avoided making comments on his parole.

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