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November 29, 2023
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‘Little Union’ Day Celebrated in Romania on January 24

In 1859, 164 years ago, two historic Romanian principalities were united by having the same elected ruler to form Romania: Wallachia (Valahia) in the South and Moldova (Moldova) in the East.

Local historians knew this event as The Little Union to distinguish it from the Great Union in 1918. All three historical provinces were unified into one. The third province to join the motherland was Transylvania.

Romanians celebrate the event, which led to the forming of the country we know today as Romania.

How did that happen despite the opposition of the most significant powers of that time?

The Ottoman Empire vassals, the principality of Wallachia, and the principality of Moldova decided on January 24th, 1859, that Alexandru Ioan Cuza would be the ruling prince for both territories. Despite international protests from the Ottomans, this was done, and it was the beginning of the Romanian state as we know it today.

To celebrate the event, a unique exhibition was also organized in Bucharest at Palatul Cesianu Racovita. As reported by our partner platform, Visit Bucharest Today! For the first time, Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s hunting rifle and Mihail Kogălniceanu’s carriage clock are displayed for the general public. Thus, the 2 historical pieces of museum value will be able to be admired in the one-day exhibition on Tuesday, January 24.

Carriage clock

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