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March 4, 2024
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L!NK – Innovative Marketing Product from MOCAPP

Innovation in marketing never ceases to impress. The European marketers have another product to consider: L!NK, an innovative marketing product from MOCAPP.

MOCAPP is a Romanian marketing technology company with offices in Bucharest and London. The company is designed to assist brands in reaching out to the right audiences and empowering Influencers to monetize their content.

The new concept behind the product is that MOCAPP developed an online platform that connects marketing agencies and brands with the right influencers to promote their product or brand: L!NK. L!NK is an eCommerce App that reveals famous customers on Social Media and helps shops advertise through authentic reviews and testimonials.

Here is their link on the Shopify platform.

How is L!NK changing the marketing industry?

L!NK is a marketplace where influencers meet with the customers for online campaigns on social media. A simple, digital way to set up a promotional campaign. However, this database greatly facilitates market research on choosing the right influencer. We live in a world where social media promotions have exploded thanks to these influencers who promote the products. These influencers have established a reputation on social media for a specific reason and a certain category of people.

Thus, through their persuasive power, these influences are essential in promoting social media brands. Through L!NK algorithms, the work of companies finding the right influencers for their target audience is practically much simplified.

A good influencer marketing campaign starts with good research. In order to have good results, you have to be very careful about the influencers you choose. MOCAPP helps you optimize your budgets and time.

Florin Grozea – founder MOCAPP

In other words, L!NK helps the company reach its target audience much faster, more accessible and within its budget.

L!NK is using a unique proprietary algorithm. Over 200 shops from 35 countries already use L!NK to identify influential customers, get authentic product reviews and generate more sales! 

We give marketing teams the power to increase the impact of their campaigns, attract new customers and improve their brand confidence level! All these regardless of the niche of the store, the size of the business or the platform they use (Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Vtex, Magento, Wix etc.). 

This much-needed investment in the marketing market belongs to the Romanian entrepreneur Florin Grozea.

Who is the Romanian entrepreneur behind MOCAPP?

Romanians have known him as a member of the HI-Q band since the 2000s, but little do they know of him as a successful entrepreneur. With an artistic and entrepreneurial side, Florin Grozea tried to combine creativity with technology in his work to found MOCAPP as a thriving company and later come up with innovative marketing products like L!NK.

We set out from the beginning to democratize access to influencers, and with the MOCAPP Research subscription, we continue this mission: research is the first step a brand can take to quickly get an overview of the market, whether or not it has been carried out so far Influencer Marketing campaigns, whether he wants an update of the marketing mix or an upgrade of the dedicated annual budgets.

Florin Grozea – founder MOCAPP

This Romanian marketing innovation must be considered in 2022. L!NK has the potential to expand internationally, being a much sought-after solution in the field of marketing promotion.

MOCAPP has crowd-funded its product. For those who wanted to invest, this had been possible on this Seedblink page, the funding platform where L!NK is presented. The investment in this stage raised to EUR 340,000, which is considered a good value on the platform.

For sure, there will be more investment rounds. Until then, those who own a shop and want to promote it by modern means, please, consider L!NK. Hundreds of other shop owners already do this.

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