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May 22, 2024
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Lingly.ai Launches Personalized Language Learning App to Empower Expats in Romania

Lingly.ai, a revolutionary personalized language learning app, is thrilled to announce its official launch in the Romanian market today. The app caters explicitly to ex-pats living in Romania, offering a unique and effective way to learn Romanian

This announcement is pivotal as Romania continues to see a surge in expatriate residents. Lingly.ai aims to bridge the language gap for these newcomers, fostering a smoother integration into Romanian life and culture.

We understand the challenges expats face when adapting to a new country. Mainstream language apps often neglect languages like Romanian. We’re excited about offering a truly personalized experience that empowers ex-pats to break through the language barrier in Romania.

Harry Bendix-Lewis, co-founder of Lingly.ai

Lingly.ai distinguishes itself from other language apps by utilizing advanced AI technology to personalize language learning. The app tailors learning journeys to individual needs and goals, ensuring a more efficient and engaging experience.

Benefits of Using Lingly.ai as an Expat in Romania

Personalized Learning Paths: Lingly.ai tailors a learning path focusing on the most relevant vocabulary and grammar for users’ daily lives. Each course is different. 

Unlimited Speaking Practice: Users can speak to believable AI characters and get instant feedback on grammatical mistakes. The app also provides bite-sized lessons based on analyzing mistakes and progress.

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