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April 19, 2024
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Romanian Leaders Slam Provocative Actions of Hungary’s President

A series of provocative actions of the Hungarian President, Katalin Novák, who has just been to Romania, sparked vivid debate in the country. Romanian politicians showed they do not tolerate such behaviour any longer.

Katalin Novák was on a private visit to a local event in Transylvania. Leaving the country, she posted a controversial message on Facebook and the anthem of the so-called Szeklerland: Do not let Transylvania be lost, our God!

Szeklerland is the name used by the Hungarian minority for the area inhabited by the Hungarian minority in Romania, but the Romanian state does not accept it.

The Hungarian President is not at her first provocative action against the Romanian people. A year ago, while in Romania, she posted a photo of herself near a mile marker her affiliates painted in the colours of the Hungarian flag.

Immediately, the leader of the ultra-nationalist Romanian political party AUR posted a photo of the same mile marker painted in Romania’s flag colours, with a simple message: Problem solved!

The symbolism of her actions is that the Hungarian minority in Transylvania, supported by the Hungarian Government, asks for local autonomy for the counties where the Hungarian minority exceeds a certain percentage of the total population. This is unacceptable for Romania’s political class and people.

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted promptly, along with the leader of the Social-Democratic Party, Marcel Ciolacu.

I strongly reject the gesture of the President of Hungary, Mrs. Katalin Novak, who made totally unacceptable revisionist statements on the subject of Transylvania on the occasion of a religious pilgrimage in Romania.
The world has learned that the Romanians are tolerant people who know how to treat their guests with impeccable hospitality. But everything has a limit! Romanians will no longer accept any Hungarian dignitary coming to our country and making such defiant statements, which can generate social tensions!
We want normal relations with the neighbouring country, but this does not mean we must remain silent in such scandalous situations.
Mrs. Novak, take care! God will never let Transylvania have a destiny other than the one written with the blood of millions of Romanians: to be the eternal soul of the Romanian nation.

Marcel Ciolacu, Leader of the Social-Democratic Party, replying to Hungarian President Katalin Novák

There have been numerous diplomatic tensions between Romania and Hungary on this subject. Yet, such actions of the very Hungarian President are unprecedented and exceed the diplomatic frame. This is why such blunt replies from the Romanian leaders draw a necessary line not to be crossed by any Hungarian politician.

In February this year, the Romanian authorities blocked any further investments from Hungary in Transylvania, an unprecedented action meant to stop Hungary from economically conquering a region which they considered their own.

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Dez Szatmari January 14, 2024 at 12:18 am

Fearful Romania, you’re a depraved backward nation.


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