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May 22, 2024
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US President Joe Biden Meets Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis in Washington

The US President Biden welcomes President Klaus Iohannis of Romania to the White House on Tuesday, May 7, at 13.30 local time. The leaders will celebrate Romania’s 20th year as a member of the NATO Alliance. President Biden will thank President Iohannis for hosting U.S. servicemembers in Romania and recognize the many contributions that Romania, a stalwart NATO Ally, has made to security on NATO’s eastern flank, particularly in the Black Sea region.

The leaders will underscore their continued support for Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against Russia’s aggression. They will also review the many areas where Romania and the United States work together, including energy, economic cooperation, and shared democratic values.

On Wednesday, May 8, the Atlantic Council will honour Romanian President Klaus Iohannis with the Distinguished International Leadership Award for his remarkable career, exemplary leadership of Romania, and his transatlantic and European leadership role. Stephen J. Hadley, the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board chairman and former US national security advisor, will introduce President Iohannis and present the award.

This official visit is made when Iohannis announced his intention to become NATO Secretary General. While political pundits say Romania’s President has a very low chance of actually becoming NATO’s leader, he could get the necessary support from the US to get a high position within the European Commission. In April, Politico mentioned Iohannis as one of the European leaders with the chance of replacing von der Layen as European Commission President.

Photo: presidency.ro

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