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March 5, 2024
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Italian Kills Romanian Ex-Wife with Point Blank Shot to Head, Attempts Suicide

Before Christmas, an unusual crime shocked Romanians: a jealous Italian came to Romania and killed his Romanian ex-wife with a point-blank shot to the head. After the crime, the Italian attempted to kill himself by firing a few shots at his chest.

The Italian, 73, came to Romania after his ex-wife, 43, broke up with him. The victim had a funeral house in Vanju Mare, Mehedinti county, Western Romania, as a tragic coincidence. The tragedy happened precisely there, in front of the store, when the former couple started quarreling. Apparently, the old Italian was jealous of his younger ex-wife, for she had started a new life in Romania after breaking up with him.

Sources say the Italian also threatened a few witnesses who wanted to calm him down before the murder.

The Italian is now in hospital, as he survived the attempted suicide so far, but his condition is severe. The Romanian authorities are currently investigating the murder.

Guns are not allowed in Romania, and the population cannot detain guns, except for law enforcement officers and members of the hunting associations. It appears the Italian had a pistol on him, and the Romanian police investigators are trying to find out how that was possible. It’s either the Italian had come with a gun on him from Italy, a country where hundreds of victims are killed with firearms each year, or he had bought it from Romania illegally.

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