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December 10, 2023
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EUR 45 M of Drugs Coming in Containers from Iran Seized in Romania

Romanian Anti-mafia Department, DIICOT, seized the largest quantity of drugs that have ever been captured in Romania. According to the press release, EUR 45 million heroin has been discovered in containers coming by sea from Iran.

The seizure took place in Constanta harbor, the largest Romanian gate to the Black Sea. The containers were supposed to contain only construction materials, but the purpose was only to disguise the heroin transport.

Heroin coming by sea from Iran seized in Constanta, Romania

Precisely, 1,452 kilograms of heroin were hidden in the containers. The destination of the drugs was not Romania, but countries from Western Europe. Romania remains a transit country for the drug lords, especially for the Black Sea’s exit and its membership in the European Union. This facilitates the drug carriers the transport of the drugs towards the Western countries.

Romanian police forces arrested 9 persons involved in this case, after an investigation started in June 2020.

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