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June 22, 2024
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Internet User Penetration Growing in Romania

The latest internet user penetration data shows a slight increase compared to the previous year. According to the National Insitute for Statistics, 8 in 10 Romanian families have access to the internet. Precisely, 82.1% of families had access to the internet in 2022.

There is a gap between the urban and rural areas. There is an 88.6% internet user penetration rate in urban areas, while only 73.7% of the families living in rural areas have access to the internet.

The promising part is that 89.7% of people between the ages of 16 and 74 have used the internet at least once, up 1.1% from last year, of which 95.4% have accessed the internet in the last three months. Among current users, 69.2% use the Internet several times a day, and 21.1% once daily or almost every day.

The internet user penetration percentage is vital for the success of our social media or digital campaigns. If it increases, even by 1%, it means more users from our target audiences are online. This can drastically influence the results of our online efforts. From this perspective, an 82% penetration rate is a decisive factor for which more and more companies thrive in Romania.

Rares Mocanu, Digital Customer Experience expert

Some projections talk about a penetration rate of 87% in 2027, but this percentage depends on multiple factors.

Source: Statista

The growing internet penetration rate means business for companies advertising online, but it also means more access to information, whether good or bad. With one of the fastest broadband internet in the world, Romania is still behind the West European countries in terms of penetration rate. But this gap is definitely going to shrink in the following years.

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