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April 21, 2024
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Independent Romanian Experts Launch AI4RO, Supporting the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Romania

A group of Romanian experts decided set up an initiative to support the development of Artificial Intelligence in Romania. AI4RO aims at encouraging advanced research in the field of AI, as well as to develop a series of programs in this regard together with its members and partners.

The purpose of this approach is to develop artificial intelligence in a responsible manner, considering the risks and benefits of large-scale implementation of this technology, as well as respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Artificial intelligence is a cross-sector technology and its development depends on the coherence of public and private approaches through their depoliticization and through a broad societal consensus. AI represents a unique chance for Romania, our country having all the ingredients to become a leader in this field.

Dragoș Preda, Secretary of State for Electronic Communications within the Romanian Ministry of Transport Infrastructure and Communications (MTIC).

The activity of AI4RO follows a series of fundamental principles:

  1. Responsible AI – Responsibility and balance between the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence, especially considering the risks that may affect fundamental human rights and freedoms.
  2. Open Data – Introducing and promoting the concept of digital data governance, especially the benefits of an open and shareable data structure, as well as the key role that this concept plays in the development of tangible applications of AI.
  3. Balanced labour market – A constant concern for the Romanian labour market by analysing and preventing the side effects that artificial intelligence can have on it, as well as the development of skills for a labour market which is dynamic and complementary to artificial intelligence technologies.
  4. Stimulus for economic development: Using AI to reduce the development gap between Romania and the European Union and OECD member countries.
  5. Unique advantages ​- Romania has multiple competitive advantages that can transform it into a regional and international actor in the field of artificial intelligence, especially on the following levels:
    1. A larger base of hardware and software engineers, as well as programmers with the potential to transition in AI, when compared to other countries in the region
    1. Opportune geographical positioning, with the potential to develop ultra-fast communications networks and for regional and international interconnection
    1. The potential to develop public-private partnership projects with international companies developing AI technologies, given the membership of the European Union and given the strategic partnership with the United States and the possibility of attracting important public and private funding given the potential of a qualitative and quantitative leap major of the AI industry in Romania

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