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June 17, 2024
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Bucharest Mayor Accuses Spanish Investor of Breaking Construction Law in the City

Nicusor Dan, the general mayor of Bucharest, asserts that a Spanish builder who operates in the city’s heart obtained permission illegally. According to Dan, no action was taken to investigate the alleged accusations despite notifying the law enforcement agencies. So far, Bucharest Mayor hasn’t offered the name of the company blamed in his speech.

It is not possible to have a Spanish investor working in the middle of Bucharest without legal authorizations and with expired licenses. Neither the City prefect, the prosecutor’s office, nor the State Construction Authority, although notified, took action. Now I ask you: would a Romanian investor, if he went to work in the center of Madrid in these conditions, be let to act like this?

Nicusor Dan, Bucharest General Mayor

The General Mayor of Bucharest accused the Spanish investor of building with demolition permits obtained illegally and expired for more than six months. He draws attention to the responsible institutions in Bucharest that were notified but did not intervene.

Nicusor Dan mentioned that many permits had been issued for a building of flats in a bourgeois area.

How was it possible to get fake authorizations in Bucharest, and how will other incidents of this kind be prevented in the future? It remains ambiguous, with no suspect or culprit identified so far, as it sometimes happens in Romania. On the other hand, any allegations should be immediately investigated, and from this perspective, there is no excuse for the lack of communication from law enforcement institutions.

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