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March 5, 2024
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Ice Hotel at Balea Lake, Romania, Included in Best Destinations for Winter Adventure

The Ice Hotel at Balea Lake is included in this year’s ranking of the best destinations for winter adventure (that aren’t skiing) by the journalists from The Standard.

The Transilvanian destination is promoted along Dracula’s Castle, namely Bran Castle.

Starting and ending in Bucharest, this week-long trip is a whistlestop tour around some of Romania’s most picturesque medieval towns, delving into its folkloric history. There’s a chance to see the famous Dracula Castle capped in snow and learn how to husky sled on the Harghita Mountains. And the piece de resistance: you’ll spend your final night in Transylvania’s awe-inspiring Hotel of Ice igloo rooms (hotelofice.ro) – reachable only by cable car. The unique digs offers all the fun of snowmobiling, sledging, and snow tubing as well as a unique four-course meal at an ice table.

The Standard

The Transylvanian hotel at Balea Lake attracts locals and foreign tourists yearly, and the hotel resists until late winter. It has ice rooms, an ice bar and a lobby, and it is one of Romania’s winter attractions.

Nestled between the icy peaks of Romania’s Făgăraș Mountains, this remote hotel, accessible only by cable car, stands 2,000 m above sea level. Every winter, when Bâlea Lake freezes over, blocks of ice are cut to build the cozy igloos, a beautiful restaurant and a magical church. Hand-carved by local craftsmen, the frozen waters from Bâlea Lake are transformed into the beautifully intricate Hotel of Ice. Every year brings a new theme, which runs through the hotel into all of the ice carved igloo bedrooms, each with ornately carved statues and sculptures. 

Balea Lake Ice Hotel communication

The winter package promoted by British journalists for this winter includes other destinations, such as Bucharest, Harghita Mountains and Bran Castle.

Other destinations in Iceland, Finland, Norway, Canada or Argentina join Romania’s destinations in this year’s winter ranking of The Standard.

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