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March 5, 2024
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Huge Disagreement Between Romanian President and Government on Easter Holiday Lockdown Policy

The decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the Romanian Orthodox Church, materialized in an agreement, to relax the protection measures in the days preceding the Easter holidays and on the night of Resurrection, was criticized by President Klaus Iohannis, who, in a harsh speech, asked Prime Minister Orban and Minister Marcel Vela to revert to the protocol.

The brief statement supported by Klaus Iohannis ended with a very harsh message, in case of violation of the doctors’ recommendations and included so far in the Military Ordinances: “Stay home! Otherwise, after the holidays, we will have funerals!”.

Following this dispute, Romanian journalists already started describing the Romanian President as the Antichrist of the nation. Romanian people is mostly a religious one, more than 89% of the population admitting they believe in God. This percentage is placing Romania on the 7th in the world from this perspective.

Source photo: presidency.ro

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