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July 16, 2024
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Official Says 1 in 50 Romanians Are Involved in Video Chatting

The head of the Romanian Fiscal Administration, Mr. Lucian Heius, sparked vivid discussions after he mentioned the number of all the Romanians involved in video chatting. According to his statements, 5,000 companies and 400,000 individuals work in this industry.

Not only are the statements not supported by evidence, but many professionals contest these figures. Moreover, even the answers received from ANAF by journalists from ZF.ro contradict the numbers. According to the official report, in 2022, ANAF controlled only five companies that offered video chatting services, which is way less than the 5,000. Also, the institution does not know how many individuals work in the industry.

Even so, the official only stresses a reality which most other officials deny or don’t want to admit: Romania is one of the top suppliers, reported to the population, of video chatting practitioners and Only Fans account owners worldwide. This talks by itself about the new generations’ economic conditions and preoccupations.

This poses two challenges for the authorities: whether they close their eyes and encourage the phenomenon to try and get some taxes out of the companies and individuals involved, or they fight the phenomenon. In both scenarios, this requires the involvement of the Romanian authorities, which is inexistent so far.

One thing is sure, though – in Bucharest, Iasi and other major cities in the country, ads encouraging girls to start working in video chatting are visible wherever you turn your head. This means the industry needs even more workers.

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