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December 10, 2023
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500,000 Romanians Will Be Jobless in Q4, Minister of Labor Estimates

According to the Romanian minister of Labor, in the second half of the year 500,000 Romanians will be jobless. The economy is declining and the authorities expect more companies to close their activities and to dismiss their personnel.

At the moment there are 300,000 Romanians who lost their jobs because of the lockdown measures taken during the last two months. Apart from that, 900,000 are already on technical unemployment payroll, meaning they receive 75% from the state during the emergency situation.

In theory, these 900,000 can start again their work from tomorrow, when the emergency situation ends. In reality, most of them won’t have any jobs left.

Romania is one of the countries where the measures to support the entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 lockdown are scarce and the budget allotted to this is little. Only 3% of the Romanian GDP will help the economy restarting, as compared to even 10% of other European states.

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