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April 19, 2024
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Google AI-focused fund invests USD 7 mil. in Romanian AI app

Google’s venture AI-focused fund, Gradient Ventures, led an investment round which brought Romanian AI app 7 million USD. The round represented only the preliminary financing step and more venture funds took part in the financing process, such as GapMinder Ventures or Techstars Ventures.

Gradient Ventures is known for investing in AI solutions such as Openly, Onscale or Test.ai, but also for many others. This time they chose to lead the investment round for Romanian app TypingDNA, a tech start-up using AI for a better world in terms of IT security.

Basically, the solution TypingDNA proposes uses behavioral-biometrics technology, in this case typing biometrics. The app simply analyses the way the user’s keyboard strokes (stronger/softer, speed, misspelled words, etc.) in order to detect if the one who types is the same who uses the user and password for a certain account.

In other words, you may bypass the password for a computer and you might have broken a certain account, but this app, which is a hidden layer of protection, blocks you from using the device. It simply identifies hackers or network intruders by analyzing typewriting, even during their input of the user and password.

How cool is that?

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