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April 19, 2024
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Hated by Moldovans, Loved by Romanians: Goran Bregovic Performs Twice in Romania in Autumn

Goran Bregovic is a famous Bosniac artist renowned for his international hits. He sings Balkanik folklore songs with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra and “borrows” other regional styles while playing music.

Unfortunately, he is hated by the Moldovans for his views regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He supports Russian forces’ invasion and Crimea annexation, and he’s never tried to hide this from his fans. Yet, politics beats art, and it will always do that.

But all these led to his being banned from entering some countries. The last one, the Republic of Moldova, refused his entry after he landed by plane with his band at the Chisinau airport last week. He was expected to perform at the Gustar Music Festival in Old Orhei, but the organizers announced the change – the artist left Moldova but hopes one day will return and have a concert here.

While hated in Moldova, Bregovic is still loved in Romania. On September 2, he is the star at the Jurilovka Festival in the Danube Delta, where 100,000 people are expected to attend during the two days of the weekend.

Photo source: Visit Bucharest

Also, on October 7th, the artist is expected to perform at the Palace Hall in Bucharest with his Wedding and Funeral Band. His concert will undoubtedly attract many fans, and it is one of the most expected events in Bucharest this autumn.

Politics should never beat sports, media and arts. Yet, this sort of thing happens, unfortunately, for artists, journalists, creators and sportsmen with a different view than the approved one.

Art should never be banned, not even when the artists’ views do not coincide with the current political agenda.

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