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August 14, 2022
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Google to Launch Real-time Subtitle Glasses

Google is working on a successor to GLASS eyewear that might be released in the coming years.

Google published a short film at Google I/O that shows a set of glasses that employ augmented reality features to display information and assist the user in various circumstances. The focus of the film was on subtitling and real-time voice translation. The user gets shown a subtitle of what they are saying while speaking with a caller.

Video source: Google

Subtitling would be beneficial for the hearing handicapped first and foremost, especially when it is done in real-time, as shown in the video presentation. Of course, the entire premise is predicated on the AI comprehending exactly what the interlocutor is saying and providing an accurate subtitle.

Second, because this technology has a real-time translation function, these glasses might make it easier for people who speak various languages to converse.

While having a more oversized frame, these glasses stand out because they look almost like a typical set of glasses, in contrast to Google Glass, which was viewed with distrust by the public due to its futuristic look.

Google did not disclose any other details on its upcoming AR glasses or provide a launch date estimate.

This technology can be beneficial and so necessary at the moment. Many people can benefit from this technology, including those with a hearing impairment. The prototype will surely be successful when launched.

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