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February 28, 2021
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Affluence of Related Searches in Romania after US Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

On Wednesday, January 20, the US Presidential Inauguration Ceremony took place in Washington. ‘Joe Biden’, the name of the 46th president of the United States, is, no doubt about it, one of the most searched for subjects worldwide.

Romanians, as well, found the presidential inauguration and the events that preceded it, interesting enough events to search for on Google. That’s what Google Trends show us when checking for what Romanians are looking for the most on Google these days.

What we found out?

Romanians searched for the following subjects so much that they become the daily trends:

Tuesday, January 19 – Google Romania Trends

On Tuesday, January 19, just before the ceremony, the name of the president and the name of the first lady were trending for Google searches conducted from Romania. The users wanted to know more about the presidential couple, which is quite normal. The fact that these US related searches exceeded the local searches is not something new: Romanians are quite interested and want to stay up to date with the international news, and the United States related news tend to become sort of daily debate topic in Romania.

Wednesday, January 20 – Google Romania Trends

Kamala Harris ranked on first position in Google searches from Romania on the inauguration day. The first woman to become the vice-president of the United States become a trendy subject in Romania by Google Searches, along with Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Interesting enough, Joe Biden ranked on 4th that day, but still ahead of the local searches.

Thursday, January 21 – Google Romania Trends

On Thursday, January 21, the American president came on second by Romanian searches on Google. On top, a local controversial former TV presenter lead the searches following a social media posting. Even so, Jill Biden made it on second and Bernie Sanders on fourth.

Saturday, January 23 – Google Romania Trends

On Friday, January 22, the presidential inauguration subject didn’t make in on top 10 searches, but on Saturday, January 23, even from the very morning, Bernie Sanders came on top. This is because, not only in Romania, but worldwide, Bernie became the subject of the internet memes. His outfit from the presidential inauguration ceremony is the culprit, but we’re more than sure he would survive the mocking and the jokes on him.

Instead of conclusion

The United States presidential ceremony was quite an event this year, partly because of the controversy about the election process, but to some extend because of the events which took place in Washington during the previous days. Either way, Romanians prove they are interested on international subjects, they pay attention to what happens in the world and this is something which talks about the level of curiosity, knowledge and education Romanians have. Also, it speaks for itself about the connection established after the Romanian Revolution, between Romania and the US – one that many would like it to be stronger, while others would like it to be looser, but still a connection.

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