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October 1, 2023
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Another Minister Resigns in Romania Over Nursing Homes Scandal

As we previously announced, the nursing homes scandal in Romania led to the ministers’ resignations in Romania’s Government. On Friday, July 14, Minister Gabriela Firea resigned after a discussion with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

She is the second minister to resign over the nursing homes scandal after Marius Budai, the Minister of Labour, did the same gesture previously this week.

Gabriela Firea has been, until today, the most prominent Socialist woman in the country. Member of the Social-Democratic Party and minister of Family, Gabriela Firea had also been Bucharest’s Mayor until Nicusor Dan, the current mayor, won the elections. From this perspective, Gabriela Firea would’ve liked to return to the City Hall, especially as the Bucharest city residents don’t particularly like how the current mayor runs the administration.

There are two scenarios at the moment. One in which Gabriela Firea gave up all the power and influence in the party, as she had already resigned from all her positions with the Social Democrats. This implies her giving up her dreams of returning to the City Hall in 2024 when local elections are organized.

The second scenario, which is also very likely to happen, is that Gabriela Firea, whose guilt in the case has yet to be proved, is found innocent and decides to run for the City Mayorship in 2024. Portrayed as a victim, she would have more sympathy for the voters and more chances to win the elections.

Politics is a long-term game, and this blow could become a later win in 2024.

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